The Madison at Park West Exterior Repairs project is located in Mount Pleasant, SC 29466.

Project Manager: Marion Davis | Superintendent: Robert Powell

Architect: Glick/Boehm & Associates, Inc.

Owner: Madison at Park West POA, Inc.

Project Overview:

The project consists of the exterior repairs of Madison at Park West. Work includes but isn't limited to replacement of exterior cladding, gutters and downspouts, porch screens, railings, addition of kick-out flashing at roof and wall intersection and window replacement. Alternates
are included.


September Goals

Goals For Next Month
Finished building 5 Continue working on building 4
Started demolition on building 4 Start demolition on building 3
Installing handrails on buildings 6, 7 and 8 Install screen porches on buildings 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

June Goals

Goals For Next Month
Finish railing and screen porch installation on Building 9 Exterior painting Building 7
Paint Building 8 Railing and screen porch installed on Building 8
Finish window installation and siding on Building 7 Begin demolition work on Buildings 6 & 5

May Goals

Goals For Next Month
Continue hardscape  Owner occupancy
Install kitchen equipment Complete hardscape
Final inspections Punch list