The East Bridge Town Lofts Exterior Repairs project is located at 269 Alexandra Drive, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. 

Project Manager: Ron Jaruzel | Superintendent: Coleman Hurteau

Architect: Glick/Boehm & Associates, Inc.

Owner: East Bridge Town Lofts HOA

Project Overview:

The project consists of the exterior repairs of East Bridge Town Lofts. Work includes but isn't limited to replacement of roofs, exterior cladding, porches, stairs, railings, window & door replacement.


April Project Update 

Building 277 – Smoke detector installation complete. Railings on order.

Building 273 – Complete all interior punch items week of 4/23. Smoke detectors are complete.  

Building 275 – Siding to resume week of 4/23, reframing of Stairs at unit 11/12.  Smoke detectors are installed.

Building 278 – siding work on-going, smoke detectors and electrical work complete

Building 276 –framing, sheathing and window replacement on-going. Electrical upgrade work in progress.

Building 271 – Foundations on-going, demolition of two stair towers to take place week of 4/23.



March Project Update 

Building 277 - painting to be completed the week of 3/19
Building 273 - painting has started, siding is now complete
Building 275 - framing inspection to be completed this week, siding to start, electrical upgrade work is complete
Building 278 - framing is nearly complete, electrical upgrade work is resuming, to be completed week of 4/2
Building 279 - demolition is complete, foundation work to wrap up week of 3/19
Building 277 - installation of smoke detectors week of 3/26
Building 273 - Continue painting exterior, complete GWB work in sunrooms week of 3/26
Building 275 - Framing inspection completed, siding is on-going, duct repairs to be completed in attic week of 3/26
Building 278 - Framing will be completed the week of 3/26, electrical work on-going, roofing has started 
Building 276 - Foundation work to be completed the week of 3/26, siding removal and sheathing replacement to start
Building 271 - Demolition on front side of building started 


Previous Project Update 

Siding is nearing completion on Building 277
Demolition has started on Building 276
Framing of stair towers and porches is underway at Building 278
Roof has been installed on Building 275