The Butcher & The Boar project is located at 760 Coleman Blvd, Suite C, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464.

Architect: The Middleton Group

Owner: MP Restaurant, LLC dba Butcher & The Boar

Project Overview:

The project consists of renovating the existing Southern Seasons space for a new restaurant. The work will include demolition, framing, millwork, doors and hardware, glass, drywall, tile, painting, flooring, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and beer garden.

June/July Project Updates:

Walls framed with MEP installations completed in-wall

Anticipate closing walls shortly upon TOMP acceptance

The dining and lounge rooms ceiling/deck has been painted the black

The kitchen area has the hoods being installed with welded exhaust duct being fabricated

The exterior has all concrete placed and the timber framing should be started and finished by the end of week 7/16


May Project Updates:

Exterior curb and gutter is being installed

Exterior concrete patio is being prepared for placement

Exterior brickwork being completed; interior work fire sprinkler work is underway

Hvac ductwork has started at the kitchen area

Electrical work being roughed in above ceilings

Metal stud framing has started and 80% in kitchen area


March/April Project Updates:

Demolition has been completed as of 3/26

Laying out for walls, saw cutting and rough-ins