The Beach Club Phase II project is located at 225 Ocean Marsh Road, Kiawah Island, SC 29455.

Architect: Clay Shackleford Architect, LLC

Owner: Kiawah Island Club Holdings, LLC

Project Overview:

The project consists of a complete HVAC replacement of the kitchen, private dining room, and dining room. Work includes an architectural replacement of the roof, adding an HVAC platform, replacing the interior lighting, and replacing the shingles at the kitchen and service area exterior walls.


May  Project Updates


Loading dock concrete is ongoing

Interior selective demo is complete until further work is approved

Roof screen wall framing is complete until further work is approved

March Project Updates

Bathroom addition plumbing rough-in has started 
Siding is on-going
Retail casework and flooring are complete
Electrical panel R to be set this week
Bathroom addition is completely framed 
Siding has been started
Bathroom plumbing to start the week of 3/19
Retail casework to be set the week of 3/19
Retail flooring to be completed the week of 3/19

Previous Project Updates

Bathroom addition framing 
Attic MEP rough-in
Underground blue duct